Water Carving With Ryan McKearley

When I first saw the description for this workshop I was a little doubtful; how was this process going to fill a three day workshop and who is Ryan McKearley anyway?  Then I saw Ryan’s work in the Mudfire Gallery & watched him doing a demonstration.  Ryan’s work is not only full of depth from the water carving but also from his use of glazes and soda firing.  Ryan is very interested in form and function, it shows in his work and his attention to detail.

Ryan McKlerley Workshop

Ryan McKerley demonstrates his technique

One of the reasons I enjoyed this workshop is because Ryan is very entertaining.  The workshop wasn’t filled with uproarious laughter but more of a genial smile and quite a few chuckles yet at the end of three days we had all discovered we had learned quite a bit.  Not just how to carve into clay using wax resist and water but different throwing techniques, some hand building and attaching processes, glazing tricks, how to design a and fire a salt/soda kiln, glaze recipes and even a little bit about the city of Austin, TX (where Ryan lives & works).

I highly recommend taking a workshop with Ryan, it’s very through, moves at a comfortable pace and is a good balance of hands on and lecture.  I also recommend picking up some of his pottery while it’s still affordable.  The Gallery at Mudfire almost sold out this weekend just from people who took the workshop.

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